Aras Dam Arsham

European Gateway to the Dairy Industry

Aras Dam Aarsham

According to the Memorandum of Understanding between Faka Company and Mako Free Trade Zone Organization in November 1397 Aras Dam Arsham Agro-industry and Animal Husbandry Company affiliated to Social Security Investment Company in December 1397 in the Companies and Non-Commercial Institutions Registration Office of the Free Trade Zone Organization – Mako Industrial was registered and its executive operation and construction started in September 2017 after obtaining the relevant permits from the relevant organs. The field of activity of this company is agriculture and animal husbandry and has started working in an area of 116 hectares with a final capacity of 5,000 dairy cattle and an annual production of 65,000 tons of raw milk.

Location :

West Azerbaijan Mako Free Zone

Established Year :


Land area :

116 hectares

Total investment :

2280 billion rials

Tamin General Industries Investment Company, having the second share of raw milk market and skilled and specialized human resources and experience in the fourth decade of its activity in this field, has developed its units based on the following strategies :

  • Attract financial resources from the capital market
  • Simultaneously with the development, the creation of transmission capacities based on the drought of the central regions
  • Maximum productivity by creating new units based on modern technology and knowledge
  • Ensuring the health of individuals in the community

As mentioned, having knowledge-based companies, extensive communication and also the trust that exists in the activities of this industry, including government organizations, customers and suppliers will be a way to support the above goals.

Design specifications :

Establishment of livestock with a livestock population of 10,000 head (5,000 productive heads) of dairy cows


Purpose of the project :
  • Create employment for 350 people directly and indirectly
  • Create value chain and reduce cost
  • Dealing with the risks of drought in the central provinces regarding fodder supply
  • Using the climatic conditions of the region to produce fodder at a lower cost
  • Increase bargaining power in determining and adjusting required forage rates
Products :
  • 40 thousand tons of milk per year
  • 1000 male calves per year
  • 500 heifers per year
target market :
  • Northern Provinces, Tehran, Azerbaijan
  • Export to Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey

Area features

Water supply from Aras river
Facilitate exports
Adequate sources of fodder supply
Existence of transit routes and airport